10 RFID Credit Card Protector Sleeves-Handy Reference Charts on Each Sleeve


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Unlike other RFID blocking security solutions on the market today, the STERLINGCLAD RFID Blocking Sleeves don't make it difficult to carry or use your credit cards. The ultra slim sleeves fit easily into the slots inside of wallets, handbags and phone cases, so you can continue to store your credit cards in the same place you always have.


The flexible design of our metallic sleeves allows you to slip cards in and out quickly when it's time to use them. Their durable construction ensures years of use without ripping and tearing. They're even waterproof, so you don't have to worry about them failing if your belongings end up wet!


Thieves are more technically savvy than ever before! Are you at risk?


If you're leaving your house with your credit cards and bank cards just slipped inside of a wallet, purse or phone case, you're vulnerable to identity theft.


Today, an ID thief can steal the information from your credit cards without ever touching them. All it takes a quick scan with the RF functionality of a smartphone to capture the data. Once they have it, they can shop online or generate a fake card to spend your hard-earned money and ruin your credit.


But you don't have to let them!


The SterlingClad Credit Card Protector Sleeve Set includes a total of 10 of our premium, effective credit card protective sleeves with two of each of five designs: ? - Blue RFID sleeve with self affirmations - Silver RFID sleeve with true-to-size rulers and metric conversions - Red RFID sleeve with CPR instructions - Black RFID sleeve with blackjack help table - Purple RFID sleeve with tip table ? Protect your credit cards with cutting edge RFID blocking sleeve protection and keep useful information right in your wallet or pocket to refer to on the go! Choose the best credit card protection RFID Blocking Sleeves today.

      • SPOIL AN IDENTITY THIEF'S DAY Slip your credit card into an RFID blocking sleeve, and no RF scanner will be able to read its information! Metal shielding block UHF 860~960MHz & HF 13.56MHz frequencies
      • THE NO-HASSLE WAY TO PROTECT YOURSELF Our anti-theft credit card shields are thin enough to fit into credit card slots in wallets, handbags, travel bags and smartphone cases
      • BUILT TOUGH FOR DAILY USE Durable materials won't wear out from daily carrying; You can slip your card in and out countless times! These sleeves can withstand the bending without breaking
      • UNIVERSAL DESIGN Our credit card shield sleeves provide optimal protection for any standard credit card or bank card
      • USEFUL INFORMATION RIGHT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Our credit card protection sleeves feature handy information on their backs, giving you a list of personal affirmations, a measurement conversion chart, CPR instructions, a blackjack chart and a tip table to carry in your wallet

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