is Your Best Friend Your Rock? These Friend Christmas Ornaments Will Ensure They Know They are.


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What an AMAZING Christmas gifts / Christmas Ornaments! This engraved slate rock heart says " the best Christmas Ornament On the tree. You are my rock, my friend and my family." Give this copyrighted expertly engraved gift to your friends to show them how important they are to you, they are your rock, they are your family. Give this Christmas Ornament to family to show them your grateful attitude for them that they are in your life. Since its cut clate you can even write an even more personalized message on the back on your own with chalk!

Sterlingclad LLC owns the original rights to the poem on this product with a 2017 copyright of this poem and we own a Trademark with the US Trademark division. Any sellers reselling our copyrighted poems or adcopy or forging fakes of our unique products will be met with severe litigation.