Long Distance Relationships Gifts,"No matter how far.. always remember, that you are my rock." Engraved rock, Friendship or Distance Gift


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The Best long distance gift or going away gift. There is a Limited quantity of 250 pieces made

This beautiful engraved stone is the best gift you can give as a reminder for him or her of how you feel about your special friend. It says "No matter how far you are, Everyday, Around the Clock, Always remember, That you are my rock."2017

This endearing stone has been hand engraved with an everlasting golden message that will last forever. This Engraved Polished Black Rock will send an endearing message to your beloved friend or family. Makes a great and thoughtful gift that will be cherished forever.

Sterlingclad LLC is Brand Registered. Sterlingclad LLC owns the original rights to the poem on this product with a 2017 copyright of this poem through the U.S. Library Of Congress; Registration Number TX 8-571-133. Any sellers reselling our copyrighted poems or adcopy or forging fakes of our unique products will be met with severe litigation.